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Funding Scheme CSA – Coordination and support action
Call for Proposal
Partner Country UK IT
Duration 2010-2012

Eurokleis has successfully participated with SEQUOIA since 2010. The project is commissioned by DG Information Society of the European Commission; Eurokleis has implemented a self-assessment methodology to measure the potential socio-economic impact of 25 EU-funded research projects.

With reference to the objectives set by the European Union in the Lisbon Summit, the future of the Internet will become an increasingly essential part of the future of ICT infrastructure in Europe. It will also be an important carrier used to promote internationalisation of markets, the development of productivity and Employment in Europe.

Infrastructures like “Internet of Services” and “Software as a Service” (SaaS) will change the Internet in the future.

Within this context, the SEQUOIA project has set itself the target of maximising the impact of SaaS and IoS infrastructure-based research projects through a specific socio-economic assessment methodology.

Another objective of the study was to support the transfer of the achieved results to SMEs. Subsequently, the new projects which intended to take part in the initiative could have the opportunity to self-assess their impact potential and their socio-economic benefits.

The SEQUOIA research study was launched in the second year of activity of the 25 participating projects in order to support them once they were fully developed and make their first findings available to SMEs.



Brochure: SEQUOIA_Brochure_FIA_2011 (235kb)

Factsheet: SEQUOIA Factsheet (153kb)

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