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Eurokleis is a consulting company that has been operating since 2000, and its specialised services enable complete and integrated solutions from business and static-actuarial consultancy to Information & Communication Technology products. Eurokleis is made up of a number of consultants whose mission is to provide their customers with finding effective solutions through a problem-solving approach. Our services are aimed at assisting companies and meeting the ongoing challenges that the market offers.
Innovation has a clear meaning: building excellence. Innovation is a cornerstone of our business and we are prepared to help our customers outline their growth path, to achieve results, and to stand out on the market.

Thanks to the know-how resulting from years-long experience in applied research, Eurokleis is able to meet the needs of its customers with speed and flexibility.


The continuous and top-level updating of information provided by our consultants is a key part of our service and allows us give our customers a significant advantage.

Customer portfolio composition

  • ICT 40% 40%
  • Public Administration 18% 18%
  • Banks, insurance, etc. 13% 13%
  • Services 11% 11%
  • Manufacturer 8% 8%
  • Publishing 5% 5%
  • Other types 4% 4%
  • Private 1% 1%

The graph below shows a summary of Eurokleis’ customers in the period between 2008-2017. The main sectors are ICT and Public Administration.

During the period under review, there is a clear prevalence of customers in Information & Communication Technology. This is largely due to the high technological background of Eurokleis and to the importance it gives to a “innovation oriented” approach. In addition, R & D activities undertaken during this period and the collaboration with strong European technology projects have strongly contributed to the growth in this area.

We must point out that in 2009 there was a substantial positive change in Eurokleis’ turnover in the Public Administration sector. This has remained relatively unchanged even in the following years.

corporate social responsibility

We support projects and social activities by helping the ProximaTe ONLUS association.

The ProximaTe Association is an ONLUS aimed at promoting civil progress through social and cultural activities, promoting awareness and skills acquisition.

One of ProximaTe’s most prominent ONLUS projects is the Odysseus project for its second edition, which aims to contribute to the social integration of minors placed in the criminal cycle, tested or removed from the family on Sardinian territory.

Access ProximaTe ONLUS’ website here

1.  The Odysseus project is carried out together with the Gray Blue community.

Our network

In the various research projects carried out, and together with its regular partners, Italians and non-members, Eurokleis has created a dense international network of contacts, knowledge and relationships.

The company is therefore capable to deal with both European and Italian issues.

Eurokleis is also able to count on the support of trusted collaborators, Europe, its laws and its uses which are suitable for all, thanks to eurokleis.

Below are some partners with whom we have made close collaborations.