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Compliance as an opportunity for continuous improvement

The ever-changing regulatory environment is a constant scenario in which most companies operate.
Ensuring compliance with the proliferation of complex regulations is simply one of the costs that must be met by those who want to engage in a business.
Eurokleis works with clients in order to help them fufil their new responsibilities, establish appropriate compliance and compliance objectives and also to help implement them.
Our consultants guarantee a continous review of existing compliance policies in order to ensure that they are exhaustive and that the data sent to various institutes is completed and certified for verifiable auditing.

Tax and administrative advice is a key asset for the company’s balance. The Eurokleis team provides assistance in operating company decisions in order to optimise its fiscal, financial, commercial and administrative impact by providing continuous customer support in the orientation of tax and tax legislation.

Our services



  • Advisory
  • Planning
  • Litigation
  • Extraordinary operations (voluntary disclosure, patent box etc.)



  • Impairment test (IAS 36)
  • Employee and agents benefits (IAS 19/IAS 37)
  • Intangibles (IAS 38/IFRS5)
  • Financial Instruments (IAS 39)



  • Organisational Models D.Lgs 231/01
  • Anti Money Laundering/Anti-terrorism
  • Operational Risk
  • Fraud detection


Patent Box

Tax incentives for investments in research and development and income from intangible assets.

Anti-money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism

Anti-money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism

Anti-money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Funding The Challenge On July 4 2017 new rules of contrast for the economic and financial system were put into place to try prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It was published in the Official Gazette no....

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IAS37 Supplementary Agents provisions

IAS37 Supplementary Agents provisions

IAS37 Supplementary Agents Indemnity Fund The Challenge The Supplementary Agents Indemnity Fund, in accordance with law or agency contract, is due to trade agents terminating the mandate, with the exception, nonetheless, of voluntary resignation. This liability must...

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IAS19 – Employee benefits

IAS19 – Employee benefits

IAS19 - Termination conditions The Challenge As of 2005, a significant number of companies have become obliged to include the items related to employee termination benefits in their financial statements as provided for in the combined provisions of art. 2120 of the...

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