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Innovative start-up

The Challenge

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea that you think could be successful? Do you want to know if your company could benefit from “innovative start-ups”? If you meet the requirements of D.lg. 179/2012 then you are in the right place!

To benefit from the regulations, it is advised to directly sign up to the Enterprise Register as an innovative start-up. To be classified as an innovative start-up, the company must:

  • Have been operational for less than 4 years;
  • Have its headquarters in Italy
  • Have a turnover of less than €5 million
  • Not distribute profits
  • Be exclusive or predominantly aimed at the development, production and  commercialisation of innovative goods or services of high technological value
  • Not be the result of a merger, split-up or selling-off of a company or branch

The road to which start-ups follow their evolutionary process is steadily growing, with 544 new start-ups registered in March 2013, amounting to 5,363 in September 2016. Start-ups still, however, face many difficulties: the start-up mortality rate for discontinued operations is 38.6%.

Along with innovative start-ups, legislation defines another category of companies entitled to various facilities: innovative SMEs (L. 33/2015). To be defined as an innovative SME, the company must:

  • Have their headquarters in Italy
  • Not appear on the Stock Exchange
  • Have deposited at least one certified balance sheet
  • Have a turnover of up to € 50 million a year or a total budget which does not exceed € 43 million
  • Have less than 250 employees

The Solution

Thanks to the company’s ten years of experience in the areas of business consulting and innovation, Eurokleis guarantees high standards of customer service. Eurokleis helps with the initial difficulties in investment opportunities, supports start-ups in their growth process all in order to overcome structural deficiencies.

The services offered are:

  • Strategic and managerial consultancy
  • Evaluation and analysis of potential entrepreneurial ideas
  • Assistance to the establishment of the enterprise
  • Rationalisation of resources
  • Business models based on the incentive of equity
  • Advice on obtaining tax benefits (incentives and public contributions)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Support for internationalisation

The road to which start-ups follow their evolutionary process is steadily growing, with 544 new start-ups registered in March 2013, amounting to 5,363 in September 2016.

  • March 2013
  • September 2016

Rate of failure 38,6%


Beyond the legal facilities, there are many problems to be faced with in the development of innovative entrepreneurship, including the following:

  • Managerial skills
  • Difficulties in accessing funding sources both in the form of risk and credit capital
  • Entering the market
  • Product marketing
  • Growth and development of entrepreneurial activity.

The innovative content of the business is identified by having at least two of the following:

the volume of expenditure on research, development and innovation

is at least 3% greater than the cost and total value of production

Certified research activities

at least 1/5 of the total workforce are PhD students, the holders of a PhD at an Italian or foreign university or they must have a degree that has included carrying out certified research activities at public or private research institutes in Italy or abroad for at least three years ; alternatively, 1/3 of the total workforce must hold a Master’s degree;



ownership, including depositories or licensors, where there is at least one privatisation relating to an industrial, biotechnological invention, semiconductor product topography or a new plant variety. Alternatively, the owner of a program for original registered computers, providing that it is privatised directly to the social object and business activity


Author of the article

Francesco Bellini

senior partner & founder - Innovation & Finance

Chartered Accountant and Accounting Auditor

Background Experience Passion

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