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Facilitated Finance: The New Sabatini Law

The Challenge

Access to credit is fundamental for a company’s development. Credit allows you to pursue a constant innovation process which is necessary to remain competitive both on the domestic and international markets. The new Sabatini Law (Sabatini-ter) aims to facilitate access to credit for SMEs and micro-enterprises for the purchase of new machinery, plant and equipment.

The new Sabatini Law does not only target companies but also intermediaries who intend to grant micro-enterprises and SMEs funding of between 20,000 and 2 million euros for investment in the purchase of the assets foreseen by the measure.

To date, for the two-year period 2017/2018 the residual platform is 60% of what was initially planned.

The Solution

Eurokleis takes pride in its numerous experts in tax and legal advice. This allows Eurokleis to be able to closely follow the companies who wish to use their funds available but are lacking the knowledge of their potential. Being supported by Eurokleis advocacy means making the most of what is possible while still respecting the law.

The new Sabatini tool, as confirmed by MISE’s data, is an essential factor for micro and small to medium-sized businesses: in fact, the funds in previous years were all allocated.

The enterprise must submit to the bank or the financial intermediary a funding request, the application for access to the ministerial contribution proving that the requirements of the measure have been met. Eurokleis also supports businesses in this delicate phase.


Residual Platform 2017/2018

Minimum amount

Maximum amount

Intensity of contribution

It is equal to the amount of interest calculated according to the depreciation plan, up to a maximum of 2.75% per annum for 5 years.


The Ministry of Economic Development extended the deadline of granting loans for the purchase of new machinery to the 31 December 2018


Permitted Funding

In order to facilitate the transition from the production system to digital manufacturing, the funding for investments in technologies(robotics, big data, cyber security, cloud cumputing, ultra wide band, manufacturing 4.0), tracking and weighing of waste has been authorised.

Author of the article

Francesco Bellini

senior partner & founder - Innovation & Finance

Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale dei Conti

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