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Funding Scheme RIA – Research and Innovation action
Call for Proposal
Partner Country UK IT IR SP PT GR LT GE RO HU
Duration dec 2016 – nov 2020
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SUITS moves to a socio-technical capacity-building approach for local authorities and transport stakeholder organisations with a focus on knowledge transfer to small cities, making them more effective and resilient in the proper implementation of sustainable transport measures. The main results will be:

  • A capacity validation programme for local public transport managers
  • Soft learning tools (modules, e-learning materials, webinars and workshops)
  • Decision making support tools for procurement choices, innovative financing arrangements
  • Choice of new business partners,
  • Using open data, real time and legacy

SUITS is based on the certainty that without capacity building and the transformation of local transport departments in knowledge-based organisations, classical training tools are unable to provide the necessary changes to provide innovative transport measures.

SUITS will work with nine cities to analyse the gaps in their ability to understand, tackle issues and improve work practices. SUITS will provide each of them with a map of their strengths and weaknesses with respect to sustainable planning of transport. From this, strategies will be developed to improve the capacity, based on the needs of each authority, and organisations will provide the techniques needed to increase their capacity, supported directly by research partners. Local samples will be formed to continue developing capabilities after the project.

SUITS will measure improvements in the quality of life of citizens and all TPL passengers resulting from the implementation of integrated mobility measures. The assessment will take place through the use of the CIVITAS framework that measures the impact and effectiveness of projects on transport issues such as congestion and pollution.

Transport measures will be evaluated in cities at the level of individual organisations and institutions.

The SUITS project’s aim is to substantially increase the capacity of Small-Medium local authorities to develop and implement sustainable, inclusive, integrated and accessible transport strategies, policies, technologies, practices, procedures, tools, measures and intelligent transport systems that recognise the end-to-end travel experiences of all users and freight.