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Project type Consultancy
Duration dec. 2015- Jun. 2017

For a major customer, Eurokleis was involved in the realisation of a Replica Operational Data Store (ODS) with new reservation, ticketing, airport passenger and luggage handling system.

The project, lasted a total of 13 months (December 2015 – December 2016) and was subsequently extended for a further regular maintenance period until June 2017. It involved 3 professional figures with the role of SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the area of data and information dispatching solutions in real time. During this period, Eurokleis staff dealt with the development team’s coordination and looked after interactions with the customer’s internal team for managing data flows to different business systems.

The system powered near real-time through three XML flows containing reservation, ticket and passenger / luggage information. It handles data volumes of around 1.7M transactions per day and supplies nearly 90 outgoing streams to major business applications. The applications served represent the majority of the systems put in place for the customer.

Transport towards applications takes place in 3 different ways:

  • Export of coarse or timely information
  • About 20 web services for on demand requests, according to different ways of querying and filtering
  • To event, or to the occurrence of certain input data conditions (a mode known as push)

Power push generates about 20M of daily events that are consumed by various near real time applications.

The system was also equipped with a web application used to display the data contained and a monitor used to verify the correct acquisition of the information.