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Funding Scheme CSA – Coordination and support action
Call for Proposal
Partner Country IT NL UK
Duration 2013-2014

The MAXICULTURE project aims to improve the impact of EC-funded ICT projects in the cultural sector by adapting, experimenting and transferring a socio-economic assessment methodology.

The idea of ​​MAXICULTURE emerges from the perspective that there is an increasing necessity to verify the effectiveness of public investment in research and development and to ensure a tangible impact on society. It is particularly in the cultural heritage sector that this need has become increasingly pressing.

Today, despite the strong commitment of the European Union in formulating Community cultural policies, there is still no strong consensus on the priorities regarding the increase of access to cultural resources. In such a context, it is clear that there is an urgent need for explicit and widely accepted policy recommendations in order to increase access to cultural resources and to optimise acquired knowledge. This is with the aim of supporting the maximisation of the effectiveness and efficiency of research results.

MAXICULTURE analyses the results of research, not only in terms of innovation and improvement in the art field of the cultural sector, but also in terms of the transferability of results to society in general and in particular to the industry. The objective of the project is to provide a self-evaluation toolkit for projects but also to get an idea of the situation regarding the art and to produce a detailed analysis of this industry.