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Technology assessment and auditing

The Challenge

In an economy where technological innovation is one of the main drivers for business competitiveness, understanding whether the technology adopted is best suited for market needs is vital in order to increase a business’ market position and gaining a competitive edge over the national and international competition.

No company can be excluded from this process of transformation, regardless of its size and sector of activity.

It is therefore essential to understand the level of technological knowledge and specific skills available, both inside and outside the company, and thus to evaluate the extent of the presence of the technologies in the company and at their disposal.

The first step is to carry out an assessment, which captures, measures, and establishes a company’s health status with respect to a specific theme.
Technological assessment, articulated activity, allows the company to plan and evaluate the necessary interventions needed based on the findings, whether it is a software or infrastructure that complies with a national or international standard.

Subsequently, a technological audit is therefore required.
Technological audit is a process that allows you to analyse the activities performed on the system and, based on the metrics and KPIs, to verify compliance with established policies and procedures.

Types of Information Systems: Anthony’s Model (1965)

The Solution

Eurokleis always focuses on innovation-related and technological development issues. The company provides a specialised team with proven experience in the field to carry out assessments and technology audits.

Our advice is divided into the following phases:

  • Analysis and mapping of processes
  • Identification of a company, respecting national or international standards
  • Scouting and selection of reference technology
  • Definition of user requirements and technical-functional specifications
  • Cost/ benefit analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Identifying business structures involved
  • Building or locating reference checklists
  • Planning, execution and coordination of activities
  • Drafting of the final report



It is often the case that companies need an evaluation aimed at calculating the risks associated with a loan, or just to attract new investors (Venture Capitalists, Banks, Funds, etc.).

Eurokleis has a lot experience in this field, specifically, in the analysis to identify the level of innovation and technological competitiveness of a business or an entrepreneurial project.

Do you feel that your business is high technology and do you need an objective assessment in order to analyse the level of innovation and competitiveness of your technology?

Eurokleis offers specialised consulting services and application tools. Like, for example, a-Plan.


Information Systems

As part of the technology valuation adopted by a company, information systems have played a leading role.

The analysis of information systems is crucial because it is through the study of the processes and operating mechanisms that it is possible to verify the effectiveness of an organisation’s economy.


Technology Auditing is a measurement tool for evaluating individual companies for:

  • Quickly testing the Company’s Technology Competence;
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the company for the main categories of technology activity
  • Benchmarking with other companies or with a model considered a best practice.


Technological expertise includes many more technologies than the ones needed to develop a product that meets specific requirements. The term Technology Expertise refers to the activities that enable companies to choose and use technology to create a competitive advantage.

 World Bank, 2001, Innovation Capacity Tool: Firm level innovation in the Korean economy

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