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Project Type: Product exploitation
Duration 2016-2017

Research and innovation projects are usually developed by researchers who usually do not care about the business implications of their accomplishments, often because they are concerned with the more technical aspects of innovation. At the same time, innovation fianciers (eg the European Commission, national and regional authorities, venture capitalists) are increasingly interested in assessing the actual impact and sustainability of research investment, especially if it is considered that the money comes from taxpayers.

Today, various initiatives are emerging around the world trying to propose alternative models for social, economic and environmental sustainability. It is, however, still difficult to establish their true potential in terms of impact and the durability of their assistance.

There are many variables that interact in this complex process and investor decisions are often based on experience and beliefs rather than a full assessment of social, economic and technological factors. Innovation potential, innovation capability, technology accessibility, acceptance and social impact as well as the business model chosen are the critical factors of an effective innovation strategy.

A-Plan helps manage the complexity of value propositions and provides immediate feedback to the entrepreneur. Value creation is a must, but is not enough for an organisation to gain profits and growth from its business model. It is therefore essential to draw the whole picture of business and that is why business models are so important for the start and development of business activity.


In broad terms, a business model is the approach to doing business through which the business is able to support itself, generate profits and grow in the long term.