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Funding Scheme Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (FESR)  (2007-2013)
Partner Country IT
Duration 2014-2015

NESESYS (Network Enterprise Management EcoSYStem) is a project aimed at creating an innovative platform of advanced services that can support business and enterprise networks in their aggregating and key management processes. The platform will particularly refer to eco-sustainability issues through the implementation of “dematerialised” business processes, adaptation and compliance with Italian and international regulatory compliance. As well as the support for the internationalisation of enterprises and technological innovation through the use of Low-impact cloud computing technologies by adopting integration solutions with legacy systems.

The project aims to support businesses and grouped businesses in the collaborative and business phases.

NEMESYS’ primary focus is the optimisation of business processes. This is achieved by digitising and supporting business marketing and marketing activities from a national market and internationalisation perspective. This is carried out through a single point of access that favours the exchange of documents and communications in total security and in compliance with current legislation.