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Funding Scheme CP-FP – Small or medium-scale focused research project
Call for Proposal
Partner Country BE GR IT SP SW LT IR CH RO FR PO
Duration 2012-2015

Transport and traffic issues have always affected the majority of European cities. Improving mobility and at the same time reducing congestion, accidents and pollution has become a common challenge.

For this reason, the European Union is working to improve the quality of life of citizens and to strengthen the economy by promoting sustainable urban mobility and greater use of clean, energy efficient vehicles.

To date, although many researches have been carried out on the integration of transport modes and on information regarding the behaviour of the traveler and the analysis of demand, these two streams of knowledge have so far not had a proper interaction.

The specific objectives of the METPEX project include:

  1. The development of an integrated approach to the measurement of the travel experience for passengers, taking into account human (psychological, perceptive, cognitive, sensory and affective), socio-economic, cultural, geographical and environmental factors
  2. The assessment of the costs of ‘inaccessible transport’ for different sectors of the company
  3. The assessment of the influence that the measurement of a passenger’s experience can have in the transport industry. This is in order to bring innovation and attention to the quality of transport from the perspective of the customer
  4. The assessment of a passenger’s experience in different regions of Europe and the support for the integration of regional transport networks into the European transport network
  5. Better harmonisation of research and analysis of travel behaviour in EU countries.