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Funding Scheme TN – Thematic Network
Call for Proposal
Partner Country BE AU IT BU SP GE FR NH UK
Duration 2014-2017

JamToday is the first European network dedicated to the design of serious games, that is, games that are not aimed at simple entertainment but with specific educational purposes through the use of Game Jam.

The project involves stakeholders from different fields and with different skills; creative clusters, video game companies, educational and research institutes, public bodies and municipalities.

The Game Jam is a method for developing new concepts and new games. Over the weekend, people come together from different sectors and through a continuous brainstorming, which lasts for about 48 hours, they seek creative solutions to produce new serious games.

With the organisation of different Game Jam, JamToday wants to facilitate this process and encourage the creation of games dedicated to the Learning sector by providing the necessary know-how, expertise, and by involving everyone in designing and launching these sort of games.

Every year, JamToday provides opportunities to host or participate in Game Jams thanks to a simple and practical toolkit, that also allows you to organise your Game Jam with the support of the 25 organisations that are affiliated with the JamToday network.

JamToday is the first European network dedicated to serious game design.