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Jam Today Toolkit

The Challenge

Business activity presents several challenges and the ability to deal with them quickly and efficiently is an essential feature that needs to be constantly developed. Game Jam was created on the business game line. Introducing the game and therefore the fun aspect in a quick resolution of problems greatly contributes to the participation of the partakers.

Game Jam is structured in such a way that players are teamed up and have to solve a problem through a project in a limited time.

At the end of the session, the various projects are evaluated by announcing a winner.

To be able to find a model that carefully evaluates not just individual teams and their ideas but throughout the course of a session was a challenge. Through the results of our questionnaires, Game Jam has been and has progressively improved based on the feedback of all the participants involved.

The evaluation will let you know the positive and negative aspects of your Game Jam and how to improve it in the future.

The Solution

Eurokleis has always been at the forefront of vocational training and has actively participated with other European partners for the implementation of the Jam Today project. To date, Eurokleis is a partner of the Jam Today Network.

Eurokleis has in particular developed a toolkit which evaluates each session of Game Jam and assesses its utility. This tool kit is now being proposed to all companies that wish to organise a Game session.


What is a Game Jam

Game Jam have been organised for several years around the world and are a powerful instrument to stimulate innovation in the creation, development and deployment of educational games.

They offer the possibility to develop an idea into a potentially innovative solution around specific themes while at the same time offering the opportunity to explore the process of development.

How long does it last

Typically game jams last 48­hours. Over a weekend people from different sectors are brought together to brainstorm and develop game­-based solutions for tricky problems. JamToday is the first network specifically organising game jam for applied games.

What is the JamToday network

JamToday is the first pan­European Network dedicated to applied game design. It brings together different types of stakeholders (such as creative clusters, game companies, education and research institutes, public sector institutions, municipalities etc.) from various sectors, fields and expertise for running game jam across Europe.

More information:

JamToday website:

JamToday+ The Future of Gamification:

JamToday Toolkit:

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