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Funding Scheme CSA – Coordination and support action
Call for Proposal
Partner Country BE GR IT IT
Duration 2013-2016

What is meant by social innovation? The term, though relatively new, expresses a concept that in itself is familiar.

Social innovation is a new way of approaching the current social challenges through the fundamental contribution that ICT can use to improve the daily lives of European citizens. ICT does this by providing information, knowledge, organisational models, services and social business models that can tackle social challenges such as unemployment, aging, exclusion, social and environmental sustainability.

Nowadays various initiatives are emerging around the world trying to propose alternative models for social, economic and environmental sustainability. It is, however, still difficult to establish their true potential in terms of impact and durability.

The IA4SI project aims to develop a structured methodology that assesses the potential socio-political, economic and environmental impacts of social innovation initiatives and maps key features that lead to greater dissemination of the above-mentioned initiatives.

IA4SI particularly supports and provides opportunities to learn about the exchange and development of knowledge gained in European projects funded in the domain of Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. This is a European platform aimed at connecting citizens and ideas in order to favour Social innovation.




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