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Funding Scheme CSA – Coordination and support action
Call for Proposal
Partner Country  IT AU
Duration 2010-2013

In 2010, Eurokleis participated in the ERINA + research project, commissioned by the European Commission’s DG Information Society. The project was set in order to optimise a self-assessment methodology for the socio-economic evaluation of research infrastructures projects already tested by ERINA.

The main purpose of ERINA + is to propose, at the end of the project, a proactive self-assessment methodology for each specific project and a series of recommendations to achieve an efficient and sustainable investment in electronic infrastructure related to the industry. For this purpose, 20 research projects were evaluated using the ERINA + methodology. Every technological aspect of the specific project has been analysed not only with reference to the potential for innovation and socio-economic sustainability, but also, above all, in relation to the ability to transfer research results to the entire company. This evaluation system allows partners to properly modify and orientate project activities by making research funding more effective.

The ERINA + impact assessment methodology is created from the difficulties encountered in carrying out the ERINA project in order to eliminate the limitations encountered and to increase the impact of electronic research infrastructures. The methodology created has been applied to a number of e-infrastructure projects aimed to identify the potential socio-economic benefits.